Friday, July 13, 2007

Back to tango!

Yes!!! The fact that I have got back to dancing surely justifies this long pause in posting.. My ankle is alright again (well, hurts a wee bit during barridas sometimes, but doesn't impede dancing in any way) and oh my, is it wonderful to spend evenings on the dancefloor again! The bliss of my first evening of dancing after that one-month pause:) On the whole I can say that that dreary tango-less month actually intensified the pleasure I get from dancing now.
And I began with grand style - on a workshop given by Fabian Salas and Carolina del Rivero. I wouldn't miss that for the world:) and it was actually great fun (colgadas workshops tend to be..). In the evening there was a lovely milonga where they made a demo, which was very impressive. Mind you, I wouldn't really want to dance like that myself (nor could I, of course), but the stuff they do is really incredible, and, well, fun. Cela dit, the use of some of the elements they teach is, at the best of times, limited. It would be sheer madness attempting them at any decent milonga. Ouch.
But life seems rosy at the moment... Lots of milongas to look forward to;) and will need to make some plans for the two weeks I will be spending in the Netherlands in the beginning of August. I have only danced in El Corte in the Netherlands, but Amsterdam sounds promising as well.